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The Impact of Reddit, Tumblr, imgur, Twitter and Google Plus

Recently, I posted about the potential power of social media (as well as posting helpful tips for indie game devs).  That article lead me to question the impact of social media and also it’s return on investment (time).  After examining the analytics, I’ve come up with a few conclusions. Some background first. The journey started […]


Patched! DC Patching and servicing clients concerns

What a ride! Three weeks ago we released the Beta for testing.  During that time, we’ve logged over 130 bugs.  Of those, about 30 remain open!  In my estimation, the really incredible thing about it all is how our team has been able to fix so many issues even though we are simply an indie […]


Weekend round up: What we are doing right and wrong!

Hello again, We officially launched our beta testing month on Friday the 12th of September. Thus far things have gone as expected.  Here’s a quick overview of bugs and I’ll highlight the blockers. Going into beta testing we had already known about 11 logged bugs. We added 53 new bugs in the first two days of […]


Making our issue tracker public.

As part of preparing for the beta, we decided to be as transparent as possible with the state of the game.  So we decided to open up our issue tracker to beta testers, and also anyone else who is interested in the project. The argument against opening our issue tracker up, was for the most […]