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Giving back!

I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time.  And after a little effort, this is ready to share. We’re please to share our A* path solver.  It’s quite robust and quite fast.  I’m sure that it can help some one out there.  I’ve added a lot of comments, but if anyone finds a […]


A New Day for Necropolis

RT: We’ve neglected to post updates on this blog recently, which has been mostly of my doing.  My day job, my family and other projects have taken up the majority of my time. We have, however, continued our development of Necropolis. Last time we posted a blog on this project, we had prototyped city block […]


Necropolis: It began in a dark pub, on a dark day…

Recently a colleague of mine asked me to join him in a game making endeavour.  YES!  I find it to be one of the most liberating things.  Game Design, that is.  Taking an idea and turning it into a plan and then into a game.  The process is truly a labour of love, and it […]