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The Last 10 Percent

It’s not lost on me that I’m fairly lucky.  During the day, I work as a Senior Systems Analyst and team lead.  I get to learn from a very impressive leader who, by virtue of simply being in the vicinity, tends to make projects and the entire development process easier.  A real leader.  Even though […]


Circle Wars : When Shapes Attack & Google Play Games Services

We’re wrapping up development on Circle Wars : When Shapes Attacks. A few of the remaining pieces are a few small bugs, in app purchases and some parts of Google Play Games. Let’s start by touching on Google Play Games Services and the unity plugin.  First off, Flipo had already created a robust achievement and scoring […]


Idle Zoo and Advertising

Recently, I’ve begun being fascinated with idle and incremental games.  I was pushed to try these genres by a friend and fellow developer, Lord Sharpe.  My first crack at an incremental game was Adventure Capitalist.  Adventure Capitalist is a fully conceived, well polished title that has the power to turn people on to the genre. […]