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So…. Much…. Work… Left…

Welp.  Just a little rant.   I’m a professional.  I release software regularly for my day job.  I set up targets and knock ‘em down.  Only once in my professional career have I missed a target that I set, and that was due to 1) not being able to say NO.  and 2) loosing most […]


The Dungeon Crawler SSS#3

More screens for sss!  DC is on it’s way!


The Dungeon Crawler SSS#2

SSS!  Compliments of IC Games for our upcoming Dungeon Crawler.


The Impact of Reddit, Tumblr, imgur, Twitter and Google Plus

Recently, I posted about the potential power of social media (as well as posting helpful tips for indie game devs).  That article lead me to question the impact of social media and also it’s return on investment (time).  After examining the analytics, I’ve come up with a few conclusions. Some background first. The journey started […]


The Dungeon Crawler SSS#1

Enjoy a few screenshots from the upcoming Dungeon Crawler! The IC Team


A Look Into Flipo, Indie Game Developer

Growing up I always knew I wanted to work on making video games. I constantly would sit and play and think oh man that was a nice feature but they should of did it this way, or hey that GUI looks all right but it really takes my focus away they should of did this. […]


A New Day for Necropolis

RT: We’ve neglected to post updates on this blog recently, which has been mostly of my doing.  My day job, my family and other projects have taken up the majority of my time. We have, however, continued our development of Necropolis. Last time we posted a blog on this project, we had prototyped city block […]


Official Beta Bug Reporting Contest Winner

Congratulations goes to Jon B. from Ontario, Canada for reporting the first first legitimate bug! Jon reported the following: Issue 116: When creating a server, “Join Game” Label misbehaves. (Resolved)Issue 132: Conjuror Heal gets into a no cast time state, making rapid healing easy. (Resolved)Issue 133: Jumping puzzles are impossibly frustrating. (Open, we are redesigning […]


Patched! DC Patching and servicing clients concerns

What a ride! Three weeks ago we released the Beta for testing.  During that time, we’ve logged over 130 bugs.  Of those, about 30 remain open!  In my estimation, the really incredible thing about it all is how our team has been able to fix so many issues even though we are simply an indie […]


Weekend round up: What we are doing right and wrong!

Hello again, We officially launched our beta testing month on Friday the 12th of September. Thus far things have gone as expected.  Here’s a quick overview of bugs and I’ll highlight the blockers. Going into beta testing we had already known about 11 logged bugs. We added 53 new bugs in the first two days of […]