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All The Small Things

During every development process there are going to be times when something happens that you just sit back and say wow. That happened last night for me. I was sitting at home, enjoying some nice family time not even thinking about game development when all of a sudden I see a few commit messages pushed […]


The Indie Deadline

Deadlines are a funny thing. We use them to motivate us to complete our tasks in a timely  fashion. But in the Indie game development world, are deadlines trully effective. I’ve also felt giving a deadline to complete a personal project was a bit silly. I mean, its a personal project, I don’t get payed […]


So…. Much…. Work… Left…

Welp.  Just a little rant.   I’m a professional.  I release software regularly for my day job.  I set up targets and knock ‘em down.  Only once in my professional career have I missed a target that I set, and that was due to 1) not being able to say NO.  and 2) loosing most […]


The Dungeon Crawler SSS#3

More screens for sss!  DC is on it’s way!