Layin’ Pipe

 Mar 02, 2016 - Mobile, Puzzle, Web

Layin’ Pipe is a satisfying strategic puzzle game. The objective is to move water from the starting position of the map to an end position. Players progress through the game map by completing individual levels. In order to complete a level, pipes must be hooked up by sliding them into place. Simple gesture based game piece movement; swipe a game piece in any direction in order to move it.  Unique to Layin’ Pipe, a game piece will continue to slide until it collides with another object or wall.   Layin’ Pipe features a wide variety of game pieces including turbines, dirt piles, shovels, water, pipes, and more. As a player progresses, levels become more difficult and new and interesting twists are added!  Become a Layin’ Pipe master by besting time, moves and efficiency pars and gaining up to three achievements per level.