Circle Wars : When Shapes Attack & Google Play Games Services


Circle Wars : When Shapes Attack & Google Play Games Services

We’re wrapping up development on Circle Wars : When Shapes Attacks. A few of the remaining pieces are a few small bugs, in app purchases and some parts of Google Play Games.

Let’s start by touching on Google Play Games Services and the unity plugin.  First off, Flipo had already created a robust achievement and scoring system which worked well and looked great, however it lacked a few crucial elements. Namely, anything social. The Google Play Platform provided everything we needed, in a well thought out package.  Now, to be clear, we could have done this on our own.  We simply wanted a leaders board that could be shared with friends and colleagues.  In fact, we’ve done it successfully before.  However, there are costs involved and, if I’m being honest, the Google Play Games Services implementation is better and faster.  In the end, it was an easy choice to make for an android game.  After a quick search, we came across Googles github account for it’s platform.  What’s more is that they conveniently made a unity plugin!  Noice!  We followed the steps and added a leaders board and achievements.

CW:WSA Achievements

From there we integrated the plugin, linked it correctly and presto!  We have an in game leaders board and achievements.  The events to grant achievements and/or add a score to the leaders board aren’t difficult to use, and we made a wrapper class so that we could work with other platforms as well.

We did have some difficulties with the initial plugin/project to Google Play Games Services linking.  We had to add a few debug messages and we used adb logcat to show all android os level messages in a windows console.  If you don’t already know about adb (Android Debug Bridge) and some of the tools provided, then take a look at this.   We’ve used these tools to debug while deployed on a device, we’ve also used some adb tools to record gameplay videos and we’ve used it to push and pull files from the device.  Some really useful stuff!

Anyways, here’s a few screenshots of the leaders board and the achievements.  Also, check out the in game achievement footage!  Impressive, we know…

CW:WSA in game achievements

CW:WSA In game leaders board

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