All The Small Things


All The Small Things

During every development process there are going to be times when something happens that you just sit back and say wow. That happened last night for me. I was sitting at home, enjoying some nice family time not even thinking about game development when all of a sudden I see a few commit messages pushed by another team member for the new game we are working on. I didn’t think anything about it at the time, but then he messaged me, and I’ll share the message exchange now.

Him: pull that shizzle and make sure you have clean pants to change into

Me: oh wow that good eh lol I’ll wait for the build to finish and install

Him: Bloom is purdy

Me: Haha can’t wait to see, installing now

Him: I felt motivated today

Him: It happens every once in a while lol

Me: Awesome work man, crushing it tonight

Me: HOLY SHIT That looks great!!!

Needless to say I was excited with what I saw from the changes. A simple change nonetheless. With this new game I’ve always enjoyed working on it, even from the beginning prototype but after seeing the bloom added to all the objects, it turned from a project I was involved with, to a game I want to get released asap. One small change and my whole view of the project had changed. Perhaps others wont see the significance the same way as I did, perhaps it doesn’t make that big of a difference. All I know is after seeing the change my motivation for working on the game went up by about %200.


Here’s a comparison photo, and preview of a new game being worked on by Falling Sword Games. Enjoy.





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