Logo Update


Logo Update

One of the best things about this re-brand has been the process of refining our logo.  Here are a few of the logo’s we kicked around:

fsgShieldLogo7 Tag 1583 #FO55DCE9B885 MN_L03efsLogo1920x1080Tag 1583 #FO55DCE9B885 MN_L0_5Tag 1583 #FO55DCE9B885 MN_L0_4fsgNoShieldNewLogoProto

We had the pleasure of working with mniluka via Fiverr and purchased, specifically this package.  We highly recommend it for anyone who is for quality logo concepts at a reasonable cost.  Having never worked with him before, we weren’t sure what to expect.  A friend had recommended him and so we gave it a shot.  It was a pleasure working with mniluka through out the process including all of the revisions.

In the end we agreed on a the last logo.  It needs some cleaning up, but the concept is a winner in our mind.  We’re proud to have this as our logo and as a step in our re-brand.  Stay tuned for a cleaned up version

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