Patched! DC Patching and servicing clients concerns


Patched! DC Patching and servicing clients concerns

What a ride!

Three weeks ago we released the Beta for testing.  During that time, we’ve logged over 130 bugs.  Of those, about 30 remain open!  In my estimation, the really incredible thing about it all is how our team has been able to fix so many issues even though we are simply an indie team!

I appreciate the feedback I’ve received from beta testers.  Their dedication to this project is appreciated!  You’ve logged a tremendous amount of issues!  Most of which are valid and bugs!  THANKS!  I’m announcing the winner of the first part of our beta testing contest.  Congratulations to LordSharpe, who logged the first official bug and many more since then!  You’ve won our Wizard class poster!


With that said, the overall response from the community has been underwhelming.  To be honest, I expected many more people to play the beta.  I suppose it’s likely just my hope for the project, which blinded me a little in my estimates.  I did expect that the beta, which is free and has contests would garner more gamers.  And I even expected the indie community to pitch in and help.  Really, I’m not complaining, I think I missed the boat on a bunch of fronts.  I should have marketed this differently.  Posted in more locations.

Non the less, I’m pleased with were we are, in terms of project deployment, support and stability.

Patch 5 notes:

  • Fixed: Issue #101 – Now fires arrow

  • fixed issue #132: Conjurer Heal gets into a no cast time state, making

  • Fixed: Issue #83 – Ai’s should die if they fall into water.

  • Fixed issue #107: Same icon symbol

  • Adjusted height of dropped items

  • Fixed issue #106: Items from a chest

  • Fixed issue #109: Wrong info on EOL GUI

  • Fixed issue #109: Wrong info on EOL GUI

  • Fixed: Issue #79 – Enemy death animation sometimes doesn’t work

  • Fixed: Issue #127 – Installer starts game without update check

  • Fixed: Issue #125 – Barbarian Charge wall/shape detection.

  • Fixed: Server now only sends profiles that online account has.

  • Port change as port I chose was already bound

  • Fixed issue #122: Character selected on main menu

  • Fixed a logic bug on starting a new game with an inventory item, whoops

  • Fix for Issue #105 Inventory item not resetting on new char

  • Fixed issue #92 Conjurer heal spell description

  • Fix for item power up descriptions to match font, and color of all other

  • Possible fix for playGUI statusbar setExtent getting wrong value

  • Fixed issue #112 4th Spell description

  • Fixed issue #98 Rangers seeking arrow description

  • Fixed issue #96 Spell description location

  • Fixed issue #90 Merchant GUI text

  • Fixed Issue #89 Exit button on merchant GUI

Thanks again to all of you!


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